Boy, Age: 10
Primary Diagnosis: Arthrogryposis
Multiple congenital arthrogryposis, internal hydrocephalus, open oval window; thymic hypoplasia, hypoplasia of abdominal wall muscles, crossed eyes, additional chord in the heart.
Listed: Nov 2015
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He had surgery. He is developing well. Smart boy. Needs out asap.

From a family that met him 11/15:
“Mathis” (he will be 3 years old in winter) also has delayed speech and mental delay. He did not use any words while we were there. He cannot sit, crawl, stand, or walk. We did not see him move about the floor, he needed to be held. This is frustrating for him. We did not observe him using his hands. I tried to place toys in his hands a he did not grab them. He did not laugh or smile.