Marnie #

Girl, Age: 16
Muscular atrophy
Listed: Nov 2022
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Diagnosis: genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscular atrophy and sensory neuropathy of the extremities. Normal physical and cognitive development
Marnie’s cognitive skills are age appropriately. She is sociable, expresses age appropriate emotions and skills, is interested in her surroundings and carries on an age appropriate conversation. Her favorite subjects in school are biology, music and art. Physically, she can walk and perform all motor tasks. Her feet are turned and she walks on the lateral edges of her feet. She cannot walk on her toes or heals. She has hypotrophy of the lower legs. Marnie has expressed the desire to be adopted.
URGENT: Marnie will age out in DECEMBER 2022.  She needs a family to file an I800A BEFORE she turns 16!!!!