Girl, Age: 12
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Craniofacial disorder
Post-operative cleft palate
Listed: Nov 2015
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Beautiful Marielli has a contagious giggle. She loves to play with her foster mommy and giggles every time a toy block falls from her head. Like most toddlers, she wants to play the game on repeat. She shows how she wants to play again by grabbing her foster momma’s hand and motions to do it again. One of her favorite times of day is bath time! The sweet girl loves to splash and splash.

She is social, active and definitely not shy. She is often comforted by being held and snuggled when she is upset. Marielli was fortunate to be a part of Love Without Boundaries cleft exchange in 2012 and has had her cleft palate repaired already. Her file states that she congenital cleft palate (now repaired) and poor brain development. She is sure to be an absolute joy to a family. Who is ready to giggle and splash with Marielli?

An update received in the fall of 2015 states that Marielli is now living with a foster family. She is reported to be a healthy little girl who rarely gets sick. Compared to children of the same age, Marieli is still very delayed. She does crawl, stand, and walk with assistance. Marielli is cooperative with her caregivers, but rarely talks and says few well-pronounced words. She is happiest when her caregivers play with her, offer her toys, or hug her. Marielli has quite an appetite and eats a wide range of foods. There is a small hole in her palate, so some foods are difficult for her to eat. It is said that she is receiving rehabilitation training, but no details were given. Marielli has a fear of meeting strangers and her caregivers say she has an introverted personality.