Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down Syndrome, delayed motor development
Listed: Dec 2018
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From March 2013: Under the patient care and training, Marcel has more communication with others and the outside world, and he is interested in some toys. Sometimes when he is doing activity on the cushion, he will reach toys on the shelf when lying on back, and makes the toys make sound. And the sound can make him feel happy. He can also get up the objects and toys near hand, and the put them into his mouth, if he failed to get the toy he can move his body to get. He can follow rolling red training ball, and his sight follow the ball to turn. When lying on back he can raise up head for 2-3 seconds, when lying on back he can touch toys on the toy shelf. Now he lives happily in this institute, and caretaker takes patient care of him and trains him and forms him some basic motion skills according to his growth. We hope that he can have a family. He is gentle, likes colorful toys.