Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Oct 2019
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Malcolm is an adorable little boy! He has also had surgery for a congenital choledochal cyst. Malcolm can walk independently and can understand simple directions. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and smile. His favorite toy is the rocking horse. Malcolm receives occupational, speech, and sensory therapies. He has a favorite caregiver who takes care of him regularly. Malcolm is a gentle and cheerful little boy who gets along with friends. We know it just has to be Malcolm’s turn!

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Update: Malcolm, now 5 years old and 6 months old, has been living in a simulated family in the orphanage, with foster parents accompanying him and taking care of his daily life. He can run and jump, with strong imitation ability. He likes listening to music, dancing, playing football, and playing on the trampoline as well. He likes to chase and play with other kids at ordinary times. Malcolm is currently studying in the orphanage. He is taught with knowledge, mainly courses on improving intelligence and motor skills. He can point at all parts of his body, count from 1 to 5, sing familiar songs, brush his teeth, go to the toilet, lift his pants and flush the toilet. He can tell the front from the back of his clothes and the left shoe from the right shoe. He can put on his own clothes and shoes.

Malcolm can speak “Papa,” “Mama,” “Ayi (aunt)” and other single words, such as “yao (want)” and “wan (play)” etc., but he cannot speak a complete sentence yet. Malcolm is a cute and obedient boy. He is sociable and courteous. He gets along well with his family, teachers, and classmates. He will wave his hands and say hello, but he will not follow strangers. He likes when his parents and brothers take him outside for fun. Malcolm is not picky about food, and meat is his favorite. However, his foster parents usually restrict him from eating raw and cold food, since his digestion is not very good.

There is a $2,500 agency grant for Malcolm’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.