Maddox #

Boy, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Listed: Aug 2023
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He resides in a family-type home for children with disabilities. Until the age of 8 years, he was raised in a family environment, with evidence of physical aggression against the boy by the stepfather. He has had multiple changes of foster families. Maddox has moderate mental delays.

To some extent, he maintains friendships. He wants to impose himself on the other children. Seeks encouragement and approval. Responds to praise and scolding. Sometimes he imposes his wishes, and when he is not satisfied, he shows aggression. In general, good integration in the team, good communication skills. Irritable at times. Follows verbal instructions and briefly answers questions. Makes eye contact. He also enters into verbal contact, but is poorly informed, quickly diverts the topic to something interesting for him. When asked a question, he answers shortly after a certain time. He understands the speech of others. Maddox often talks too much, at a slow pace, unable to listen during a conversation. In communication and communication with other children, Maddox experiences difficulties. He does not have well-developed skills for observing order and discipline. Involves and participates in the life of the family-type home for children with disabilities and beyond – celebrations, theater and concert visits, walks, excursions, camps, sports events, etc.

He likes to participate in various role-playing games. He has difficulties in communicating and interacting with other children. Prefers to dominate other children. He lacks the skills to play with them. Irritable at times. When he is restless, his behavior is slightly provocative. Has a tendency to get annoyed with children. When he is calm, he prefers to play with toys by himself. He likes to draw while explaining what he is doing at the moment. He likes
watching cartoons.

In the 2022/2023 school year, Maddox is a 7th grade student. He studies in a mass class with a resource teacher for children with special educational needs. He has a positive attitude towards the learning activity. Can write the letters he knows – printed and handwritten. The child has many gaps and lags behind in his educational level, according to
his individual skills and abilities. He loves to draw and is quite good at it. He has not mastered the minimum knowledge for his age, he cannot read. He attends two centers for accompanying social services – psychological support and social rehabilitation and speech therapy.

Maddox has developed elementary hygiene habits – he washes his hands, face, teeth, bathes with help. Performs daily household activities under instructions but needs reminders and control. Works willingly, but sometimes does not comply with instructions. Maddox does not have an opinion about adoption.