Boy, Age: 14
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD, Global developmental delays
Listed: Jul 2023
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Mace came across so shy and quiet at first when Gladney’s Superkids team met him in May. Before long he was chatting away to his caregiver about his Lego adventure. My job was to turn the pages as he followed the directions and occasionally direct his eye to the piece he was hunting. Before long the whole kit was together and he was a happy little guy.

With the Lego kit together it was time to try out the lollipop… of course he tried the blue one. Mace was excited to try that flavor since it was new to him. It was a Kodak moment when his tongue became blue. He was eager to show it off to the camera, giggling all the while. Even with the blue tongue he claims his favorite color is red. He also told our Superkids team that he wants to be a ninja when he grows up so that he can protect the earth!

Mace loves to draw, paint and play sports. He enjoys playing with toy cars, balls, and riding on a scooter. 

Mace has some developmental delays. He recently participated in play therapy where he learned a lot. His counselor noted that his ability to recognize and control his emotions greatly improved, along with his sense of self-confidence.

Update: 4/2022

We have met Mace several times with the Superkids team over the last few years. Mace is a considerate, smart, articulate and athletic 11 year old boy. He is currently in the 5th grade and works hard at school – he even told me that he likes doing homework!

Mace loves to play with a remote control airplane. He also likes drawing and Legos. He has a special ability at dodgeball and is on the dodgeball team at school! He told us that his favorite color is blue and that his favorite food is watermelon – answering both questions in English! When Mace grows up he wants to be an inventor.

Mace takes medication for ADHD. Mason lives at our partner agency’s children’s home where he is getting excellent care. He also attends counseling to discuss the possibility of being adopted. He told us that his biggest worry about being adopted is learning English and getting caught up in school.