Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: May 2013
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Lyle was found in the waiting room of a train station when he was 3 years old. While he can only speak a few words, he understands what is said to him by adults. He is very protective of his friends and will go to their rescue if they are being bullied. He likes to dance and is very good at imitating dances he sees. He is able to dress himself, take care of his own toileting needs and feeds himself. His caretakers feel that he is a bright little guy although intellectually delayed compared to his peers.

He is very protective of his friends and will tell the teachers if he sees someone being bullied. He has great gross motor development, can jump, run and walk. He uses the restroom without assistance, dresses himself and can assist in folding clothes. When we met Lyle, he was the dancer of the orphanage, very social and had great fine motor skills.

He likes to be kissed on the cheek and will respond back with multiple kisses. Lyle is waiting for a family that will cover his little cheeks with kisses and shower him with love.