Girl, Age: 15
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Apr 2013
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Update from a family who met her Sept 2015: this girl is absolutely precious!

Update from a family who met her in late 2013: Lydia is the sweetest little girl! Our kids were in the same groupa, so we got to see Lydia everyday we were in country. She is a joy! Lydia spends her days sitting in a stroller with hardly any interaction. Now that our kids are home, she is the only non-walker left in her groupa, so she is the only one who sits in a stroller all day long. She looks to be about the size of a four year old, but looks like she is a healthy weight. She’s got a little chub on her legs. Her legs are not scissored, but when I lifted her legs up, they were definitely tight.

She needs a Mama to stretch her legs! Her legs are always bent at the knee draped over the bar of the stroller (she’s too big for her stroller). I couldn’t tell how much head control she had because her head was always supported by her stroller, but her head was always upright, not bobbing. I never saw her move her body (except to arch her back when tickled), but one day I held both of her hands, and she was able to grasp my hands tightly in hers. Neither hand seemed weak. Lydia’s vision looks pretty good. She could follow me with her eyes, but there’s a good possibility she’ll need glasses. Her poor teeth are rotten. We watched her eat lunch once and she seemed to eat well. She eats pureed food from a bottle. Did I mention she is SO sweet? Lydia seems to be very easy going. Once a child was hanging on her and pushing on her and she didn’t respond except to make a face showing that she didn’t like it. Lydia was my favorite child to interact with in the groupa. All I had to do was say hi to her and smile and she would light up EVERY single time and reward me with a big smile. We tickled her lots and she giggled away. One time she was left in a room all by herself and was crying. I peeked my head in the doorway and said hi to her and she immediately stopped crying and started smiling and giggling. She is very responsive when talked to. 🙂 Even though she is non-verbal, she communicates with lots of smiles and giggles. This little lady is FULL of joy! She will truly BLESS any family! Please, please consider this sweet little one. She is still in the babyhouse, but is one of the oldest in her groupa, so she will be one of the next children to be transferred. She does have an older brother who is eight years old and looks to be typically developing. I’m not sure if they will need to be adopted together or separately.