Luke Anthony

Boy, Age: 16
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Jul 2013
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Luke is a darling boy who is described as active, playful, coordinated, well-behaved, sensible, and gentle.

Luke is so many things, including capable and independent. He can dress himself for the most part, use the bathroom on his own, and attends kindergarten each day, after which he spends the afternoons with his foster grandparents and tells them all about what happened at school.

Luke has learned some counting, likes to draw simple shapes, gets along well with his classmates, and remembers most of what his teacher tells him. He loves music and dancing, and spending time with his foster family. Luke enjoys playing with toy cars and bikes, as well as bouncing a basketball around the neighborhood. He is a busy boy!

Thanks to the foster care sponsors, Luke has truly thrived in his community and has developed a strong emotional foundation. He is very much loved by his foster family, and their greatest wish is that Luke finds a permanent, loving home.

UPDATE from 2014: Luke is a cute boy, he is young but sometimes doesn’t follow orders from adults, but obedient if you speak to him patiently. He likes cartoon program “Wisdom tree”, can imitate the show from it, make many poses when taking pictures. He likes playing in familiar environment, restrained in strange environment. Currently Luke goes to kindergarten, he can sing a few songs, can count, gets along well with other kids mostly, sometimes naughty. Luke has routine life, likes to eat meats, picky on food on which we are correcting, can urinate without help, defecates under the remind of adults, controls defecation not well.