Girl, Age: 16
Country Code: LA-5
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Physiologically healthy, Learning and language difficulties, Child abuse syndrome, Intellectual disability
Listed: Jan 2015
Initially was diagnosed with moderate mental delays and an inferior IQ, diagnostic was modified for mild mental delays and finally after psychological reevaluation her IQ is determined to be normal. Mental examination shows a calm and inexpressive child, staring off into space that shows indifference and only speaks when I ask her something, assures to be euthymic even though her appearance seems to be of sadness. Some level of cognition deficit, I have to repeat questions, she writes her name but unable to make her to read some words, can’t add 2+2, low tone of voice, monotone, without any inflection, her thought seems coherent, concrete, limited to isolated words and short phrases, good sleep habits, poor appetite, thin physical constitution, remembers “papa me pegaba” (my father used to hit me), there is no suicidal ideas but “ cansada de la vida” (tired of life), she isolates herself “solo tengo una amiguita” (I only have one little friend), no anxiety data. When child arrived to institution her caretaker described her as aggressive, hyperactive and complaints about misbehaving at school. Currently auto-sufficient to get dress, hygiene needs, eating moving from one place to another. The report card shows that she is inhibited, affectionate, fast learner, likes to participate in activities. Psychology report from 2013 reports no behavioral problems, calm, received therapy and attends to elementary school.