Girl, Age: 3
Country Code: EE-2
de Grouchy genetic syndrome, divergent strabismus, and visual impairment.

Listed: Nov 2021
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This sweet girl has de Grouchy genetic syndrome. She made the greatest development in the motor sphere. Walks on all fours, sits down and sits alone. In the cognitive sphere, no major changes are observed. The general level of non-harmonious, below age. She pays attention to her surroundings and will watch the other children play. She is in need of a family to shower her with love and care and support her as she continues to move through her life.



Update 10/2023:

Despite her cognitive development being at a low level, Loralie has improved tremendously in her development and has begun acquiring new abilities. She is able to move freely, recognize basic shapes, and scribble on paper. The girl has good motor skills. She can walk independently and can even run and walk tiptoed.

Loralie smiles often but seeks comfort in difficult moments. She shows normal emotions for different situations, but usual to excessive degrees. She can eat independently and attempts to change clothes independently. She can understand simple commands, but she is not able to communicate verbally. Loralie is afraid of dogs and elevators. She struggles with eye-contact. She works hard to gain independence in everything she does. A lot of her understanding of objects comes from her sensory experiences, specifically from playing with toys or trying a different food. She demonstrates resilience because she is always working to obtain independence in her actions and is constantly wanting to improve.