Girl, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Spina Bifida, Clubbed feet
Listed: Nov 2020
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London is a kind, smart, beautiful, shy, and determined girl, born in November of 2012, who interacts positively with her caregivers and the other children. London enjoys watching cartoons, listening to music, and playing with other children. Her favorite activities include singing and playing with dolls and stuffed animals. She likes to be near her caregivers and prefers they hold her hand when they go outside. London has normal cognitive and language development. She speaks in clear and complete sentences and can sing children’s songs. London was born with spina bifida and clubbed feet. She had surgery for her spina bifida, but has not had anything done with her feet/ankles. London is able to crawl, stand with assistance, and sit independently. Her report indicates she has good fine motor skills as she is able to pick-up small objects, play with toys, hold a pen to draw, and turn the pages of a book. This adorable little girl is going to such a blessing to a very lucky family!