Girl, Age: 8
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, nystagmus, development delays
Listed: Jan 2018
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Lissa is a precious little one still waiting for her family to find her! Adored by her caretakers, she is described as a curious and happy little girl, who loves to eat! When she first arrived at her orphanage, she was small and weak. Intrigued by her surroundings she would observe the nannies and other children playing, smiling when teased or tickled. Over time, she has learned to trust the nannies and has become more and more adventurous, seeking out attention and interaction with her nannies and playing with the other children. She still loves to be tickled, held, and kissed, loves colorful toys that make sounds and likes to listen and dance to music.

Lissa will make eye contact and is said to be very cheerful! She is attentive when learning something new and will actively try to learn new things. Diagnosed with Down Syndrome and nystagmus of both eyes, compared to her peers her growth and development have been delayed; however, with rehabilitation training she is able to crawl, sit independently, grasp objects, and is making good progress as she continues to grow and develop. The origin of Lissa’s name, given to her by her caretakers, means ‘hope she will obtain love and be cherished.’ This little one, so clearly adored, is waiting for a family to find her who will love and cherish her delightful and adventurous little spirit! Her file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks, and we are also able to connect interested families with individuals who have visited her orphanage and were able to meet her during their visit in November 2016!