Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect
Listed: Sep 2017
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This playful, adventurous, sweet boy is Liam! He is 8 years old and will absolutely steal your heart. Liam can be quiet and introverted at times, but he is generally a very friendly kid! Whenever volunteers come to the orphanage he cannot wait to take pictures with them. He seems to have an eye for photography – he loves being in pictures and taking pictures of others. He especially likes to come up with funny poses! He can play games cooperatively with other kids, and he has a lot of fun building all kinds of structures out of blocks. Liam likes to be creative and has quite the imagination!

Liam had the opportunity to visit the US as part of the Winter 2016 China Hosting Program! He spent 3 weeks playing, learning, and laughing with his host family. Here is what they shared with us:

“Liam is a very happy little guy with the most contagious giggles you’ll ever hear, and I have no doubt that he’ll bring much joy to his forever family. He is a very energetic and active little guy who enjoys playing outside (at the playground, swinging and going down the slide are favorite activities), but he also is great at entertaining himself indoors by looking at books or “writing” (making marks on paper). He has a great imagination and especially loves to pretend to cook! He plays well with others but just as often seems to enjoy playing independently.

Liam also has a bit of a mischievous streak — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but he does sometimes need help redirecting some of his energy to a more positive activity. I did see improvement throughout his time here with his ability to be redirected, and discipline-wise, short “time-ins” where we sat together quietly on the floor seemed to be most effective.

Liam LOVES to eat…And would eat ALL the time if I let him. He is not picky at all; he’s eaten everything I’ve given him — fruit, veggies, yogurt, meat, pasta, etc. The hardest thing for him is being done with a meal/snack — even if he has had plenty to eat, he still wants more. This does seem to be getting a bit better, though.

It was fun having Liam here & seeing him come out of his shell! He definitely keeps me on my toes because he is very active/into everything, but he has a great imagination that has been fun to watch. He also really has done a GREAT job transitioning into family life/life in the US.”

You can see more photos and videos from Liam’s time in the US on his advocacy page. Liam’s nannies tell us he is learning self-care skills. His recent health has been good, and he is not currently showing any symptoms of heart disease.