Girl, Age: 9
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Dec 2018
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February 2020 Update: Kristy is such a precious girl! She loves when she is with people that she knows care for her. Kristy eagerly seeks out physical touch from her teachers and caregivers. She crawls up to them and slowly stretches out her body until she is fully in their lap, then she hugs them tightly. It is very endearing. Kristy is very friendly and enjoys having visitors in her home. While Kristy loves to cuddle with her friends, she tends to prefer independent play. She loves to crawl in the play tunnel she received for Christmas, play with musical instruments, swing, jump on the trampoline, and play with balls.

Kristy rarely wears her hearing aids as she does not tolerate them due to her sensory aversion for them. In classes, Kristy’s teachers are beginning to work with her to teach her basic sign language. Currently they are working specifically on saying “more,” “finished,” “yes,” and “no.”

Kristy would make a valuable addition to a family as she has so much love and affection to share with others. Video available!