Girl, Age: 13
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Jan 2020
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information or to inquire about this child, please email ***
Chloe is a playful and happy girl! Staff report that “Chloe fills every room with laughter and joy. She loves to play, socialize and have fun in all aspects of her day. Chloe is the youngest member of her community group home, and she is very loved by all her older sisters and caregivers! She is a very social girl who enjoys spending time with others. She is able to express herself through use of gestures, simple phrases and sentences. Chloe is friendly, greeting those she knows with a big smile and hug! She also displays confidence and has been observed introducing herself to new people and is willing to spend time with them. She is caring and will make sure that all of her friends are included in any games or activities that are taking place! She can be a bit mischievous – she has been caught several times sneaking into her sister’s room to eat snacks with a big smile on her face!”

“Chloe is independent in most self care skills throughout the day. At times, her caregivers will supervise her to make sure she is completing a task correctly like dressing. She enjoys mealtimes and can feed herself with a spoon. She can brush her teeth and toilet independently. She loves selecting her own clothes and wearing pretty dresses! Her caregivers report she will change clothes if she prefers to wear something else over what has been selected for the day. Chloe attends a special school outside of the Project and Welfare Center. She attends school 5 days a week. Her classes at school include fine motor activities, exercise, language, art and self care skill development. Despite some difficulties with focus and concentration, Chloe has shown she has an ability to learn and is making progress in her subjects. Chloe loves many activities, especially if she can do them with other children or a carer. She enjoys dancing, singing, playing games with her sisters, watching stories on TV, going for a walk or to the playground, drawing/crafting, and having her picture taken! Chloe LOVES all things girly including dresses, painting her nails, and sparkly headbands.”

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Chloe’s adoption with her current adoption agency.