Boy, Age: 12
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
dysraphism corrected through surgery and neurogenic bladder
Listed: Feb 2020
$1,185.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Keaton has no physical limitations and is incredibly active. Keaton loves to jump on the trampoline, play chase, and ride bikes. He started attending a full-day public school in January 2020 and has quickly and easily made friends with the other children in his class. Keaton is very motivated to learn and tries to soak in as much information about everything around him. He is behind slightly academically due to the previous orphanage he was living in, however he has made incredible strides in his education this past year. Keaton is currently reading at a 1st/2nd grade level, and can complete double digit addition and subtraction questions. His ability to both understand and speak English has also increased exponentially this year. He is able to communicate most everything he wants and needs in English and will use 6-8 word sentences in English regularly. If he doesn’t know the English word for something he will describe it using other words until his point is made. At school, Keaton tells his teacher that his favorite subjects are reading and dance class!

Keaton takes daily medication and uses a catheter throughout the day. Keaton is incredibly independent in his medical care and daily catheterizations requiring only some supervision to make sure his catheter is cleaned properly. More information available about Keaton’s continence care for seriously interested families.

Keaton is a very spirited, sweet, and creative child who has formed healthy attachments with his current caregivers. He is independent in all of his daily living tasks and likes to make a good impression at school by making sure he dresses nicely. He has a great sense of humor and will laugh at his own jokes with the sweetest smile and biggest, belly laugh. Keaton loves building in sand and playing in mud. Keaton honestly just loves all things outdoors in general! Keaton is such a clever child with an incredible future ahead of him, especially in a family to call his own!