Boy, Age: 6
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, hearing loss
Listed: Jul 2019
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Kase is a sweet little boy. A hearing test showed a 80dB threshold of the left ear and a 90dB threshold of the right ear. Kase is also listed as having motor delays. Kase loves to smile at his nanny when he is happy and interact with people. When the nanny makes eye contact with him, Kase gives a shy smile. He can hold his own bottle and will cry loudly if someone takes it away and he’s not done or if he is still hungry, as if to say ‘I want more milk!’ Kase likes taking baths. He finds it quite fun to slap the water and is happy as can be playing in the bath. Kase likes shaking the toy rattles. It always makes him smile. Listening to light music and drinking a warm drink help him to fall asleep. Everyone adores Kase and hopes that he will find his forever family soon, while he is still young!