Girl, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Feb 2019
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Journey is a beautiful little girl with a warm smile! Journey is not a picky eater and can feed herself, but won’t necessarily eat as much as she should so she does get some help to make sure she is eating enough to fill her up. She really likes milk and fruits. Journey can walk stably and can go up and down stairs using the handrail. She is said to be calm and cautious. Sometimes if she thinks the stairs, for example, are dangerous she will sit on the stairs and move down with her hands and feet. Journey’s favorite toys are toy dogs and the red plasma car. Because she doesn’t speak much, Journey has trouble expressing her needs and does need some assistance with toileting.

She communicates with her gorgeous eyes and through gestures and actions. When people greet her, Journey smiles happily. Journey is an affectionate little girl. For a period of time, she would go down one set of stairs to the office on the second floor when the caretaker was not looking. She would appear suddenly behind one of the workers there and pat the worker. That worker would sometimes then go visit her activity room and Journey would come forward immediately and hug the worker tightly. Her hugs are said to be so tight they are like bear hugs. We can’t wait to see what lucky family is going to be blessed to not only have this little girl in their home and family, but to see those smiles and receive those bear hugs every day!