John and Jane

Sibling Group
Ages: 12, 8
Country Code: LA-3
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
SN: Non-malignant neurofibromatosis, Genetic disorders causing uncontrolled growth of tumors along nerves, Psychosocial and environmental problems, Iris Disorder
Listed: Jun 2022
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John: He presents difficulties in cognitive processes such as: verbal comprehension, visual space, fluid reasoning, which prevents him from learning according to his peers.

He receives classes and educational support under the tutelage of the educators, allowing him to reinforce each area of development. The child receives constant medical check-ups. Since his admission he receives psychological attention, according to the emotional and psychological needs of the child.

He and his sister have a good emotional relationship. He complies with norms and rules within the Center, respects his peers and the staff that works in the Institution.

Jane: The girl receives the necessary medical care, has been assessed in several areas of medicine such as: Traumatology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgeon, Clinical Psychology, performing frequent health checks, in June 2018 she was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, like her brother, in the case of a hereditary disease. The care must be thorough, attend medical check-ups and use the creams prescribed by the specialist, it is possible that this disease will affect future learning.

From the assessment process carried out on the student, she shows difficulties in her cognitive processing skills, evidencing immaturity in learning. Her learning style is slow.

She has a good understanding and develops school activities correctly. It does not make it difficult for her to relate to her peers, she likes to talk and also communicate her feelings and emotions. Respect her peers and staff as well as abide by the rules and regulations of the Special Protection Center. She is attached to her brother.