Boy, Age: 7
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, CHD (ASD)
Listed: Jan 2018
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Joaquin is a cutie pie who was born with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect-an ASD that appears to have closed on its own. Joaquin is said to always have a smile on his face ad laughs out loud when teased. Joaquin loves when his caregivers lovingly touch him or hold him. He carefully concentrates on his caretaker’s face and expressions when she works with him on exercises. At 9 months of age, he was making sounds to respond to his caretakers and could roll over and crawl across a room. Joaquin was good at grabbing for toys and holding onto them. He also was able to recognize his name and could track sound. He reads his caregiver’s facial expressions well and responds appropriately. Joaquin has stranger anxiety that is typical for a child his age and is close with his special caregiver. He loves to hold her hand and smiles at her when she smiles at him or when she compliments him. When the weather is nice, Joaquin enjoys outdoor time. He has a good appetite and is a good sleeper too. Joaquin is quiet and obedient and likes to play with his favorite toys or play games with other children, led by his caretakers. We hope this handsome little fella finds a family who can get him home while he is still so young!