Girl, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Craniofacial disorder
Abnormality of the head, hyperdactylia (extra digit) of left hand and left foot
Listed: Feb 2013
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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2015: “A friend and I met her in September. She has a syndrome of some sort with a facial deformity and extra fingers and toes (6 on each). It doesn’t appear to affect her beyond the visual standpoint. Her hearing and vision are normal. She attends a public special education school where she is in the 3rd grade. Her favorite subject is art. Aspen loves vegetables, but is allergic to seafood. She loves to jump rope and play with balls. Her favorite color is pink. The orphanage staff described her as shy, kind, friendly to other children, helpful, and obedient. She likes to play with others and is very kind to everyone. Jinger speaks clearly and can communicate just fine, though she was very shy and scared when she first met us. By the time we left, she was more comfortable and full of smiles. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing outside, and helping the nannies. Jinger is a lovely and active girl. She likes listening to music and happy tone could make her happy.

She likes to play house and could imitate putting on clothes for the dolls, feeding and dressing the dolls. She is a girl who likes beauty. She is happy when praised as a beautiful girl. Jinger likes playing games with other children. Sometimes she would help the others to put on socks or shoes. The others are happy to play with her. Jinger is polite and would greet initially with the smile on her face.

Except hyperdactylia (of left hand and left foot) and abnormity of the head she seldom gets sick except occasional cold, but she could recover soon after treatment. She is considerate and we hope that she could blossom like a flower and be happy every day.”