Boy, Age: 15
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
He has been diagnosed with disturbance of activity and attention and mixed disorder of scholastic skills. He received medication which helps him concentrate and do better on daily tasks and school work.
Listed: Oct 2021
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Jayson is described as brave, happy, active and loves all sports. He is independent and is able to take care of himself. He takes care of his room and tries to help with food preparation. He likes to be helpful and knows how to repair and construct bikes. He is friendly and tends to take a leadership role by organizing different activities. He is sensitive and impulsively reacts negative to criticism. He loves to be outside and to participate in all kinds of sports. He likes basketball, bike riding, jumping on a trampoline and likes to work “with his hands”. He enjoys art, construction, repair, drawing and listening to music.