Girl, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: HIV or Hep
Listed: Sep 2020
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Janessa is a beautiful girl who has had a lot of loss in her life. Janessa’s caregivers say that she is very quiet and introverted, but that she has good language comprehension. She scores very well on her Chinese tests and average in mathematics. With some tutoring and repeated practice, Janessa can master concepts. She can do two-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, decimal points, area, length, time, and more. She can read elementary school comics and story books on her own, and can complete a 100-word composition. Janessa can draw animals and flowers. She makes time to finish her homework each day and, if she doesn’t understand the question, she will ask the teacher. Janessa will sometimes play with other girls, but her friends say she is a little eccentric sometimes and her friends don’t want to play with her. Most of time, Janessa reads alone or watches other children play. When she’s not reading, Janessa likes watching TV and playing on the computer. She also enjoys outdoor activities, and going to the supermarket to buy her favorite snacks. When Janessa is unhappy, she will cry. She is sometimes bullied by her peers, but she is forgiving and will play with those peers not long after the fact. In general, Janessa gets along well with her peers in the orphanage and she is polite to everyone. She is happy to have a lot of caretakers who care about her.

Janessa is HIV+ and she takes antiviral drugs every day. She is a good sleeper and is not a picky eater, but she loves snacks and watermelon best! Janessa’s motor skills are normal and she is coordinated. She enjoys running, jump roping, and playing outdoors. Janessa has strong self-care skills. She can help sweep and clean the floors, and wash and hang the clothes. Janessa always helps and she makes sure to take good care of her own health. Janessa needs a loving family she can trust and one who will love her forever, as she has gone through enough loss in her biological family. Could your family be Janessa’s forever?

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