Girl, Age: 9
Jamila is listed as having microcephaly as well as hemiplegia on the left side of her body.
Listed: Jan 2019
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She is a vibrant little girl who is full of life and loves being around others. She is active and loves to go on walks around the neighborhood, jump on the trampoline, brush her baby doll’s hair and play hide and seek. She is able to move around independently and can run and walk with ease. She does slightly drag her left foot as she moves around but manages well despite this. Jamila does receive physio therapy where her leg and foot are stretched to help with movement. She attends an on site school 5 days a week where she participates in circle time as well as class time with her teachers. Jamila is able to point to named colors and match colors correctly. She is also working on improving her fine motor abilities through activities such as using the peg board, stringing beads, playing with play doh, and cutting with scissors. Jamila also enjoys finger painting and all types of water and sensory play. She has a very strong bond with her caregiver and good relationships with the other children in her home. Jamila is non-verbal, only able to say “hi” to others to communicate. She does know some signs and is working towards learning more. She can sign to communicate that she wants water and also to ask for help. She has a beautiful face, her eyes, smiles, and adorable dimples steal the hearts of all that come around her. She is a loving girls who seeks out attention and affection from others and would thrive in a family. Oct 2020 Update: Jamila had recurring illnesses this year and it was discovered that she was aspirating. A feeding tube was placed and she has been healthy since! Even when she was in the hospital she always had a smile on her face. Jamila loves being silly and loves being the center of attention! Jamila has been talking so much more lately! It can’t always be understood exactly what she’s saying, but she’s really trying hard to speak and is making a lot of progress. Jamila loves wearing fancy shoes all the time. She picks out her outfits every day and knows what she likes!