Girl, Age: 11
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Jamila is listed as having microcephaly as well as hemiplegia on the left side of her body.
Listed: Jan 2019
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Feb 2022 Update: Jamila is a vibrant little girl who is full of life and very social. She is active and loves to go on walks around the neighbourhood, jump on the trampoline, brush her baby doll’s hair and play hide and seek. She is not the oldest in the home, but has taken on the role of big sister due to her love of helping the other children. She loves the song Five Little Monkeys and goes around helping the other kids use their hands to do the actions.

Jamila can walk independently and can climb up and down the stairs well. She is independent in many of her acts of daily living. Jamila’s balance has improved over the past year and we see fewer falls. Her left foot slightly drags as she walks but she manages well despite this. Her therapist is working with her on balance and general strength and motor skills. She uses both hands but prefers the right. Her therapist is working with her on fine motor activities using her left hand. Jamila was considered non-verbal up until recently, but her communication is really growing! She is even speaking in short sentences now! It is sometimes hard to understand what she is saying, but she is really motivated. She also uses sign language, such as “water” and “help”. In 2020 Jamila was experiencing recurring illnesses. It was discovered that she was aspirating so a feeding tube was placed. She has been healthy ever since!

Jamila loves wearing fancy shoes all the time. She picks out her outfits every day and knows what she likes! Jamila is our dancing queen! When she has spare time, she loves having music blasted so she can show off her moves. Jamila’s adorable dimples steal the hearts of everyone she meets! She would thrive in a family.