Boy, Age: 14
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI
bilateral microphthalmia with surgical removal of cataracts. He has low, but functional vision.
Listed: Sep 2018
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Jack is charismatic boy who wants a family to take him home from the orphanage. Jack has low vision but doesn’t let that suppress his bright personality. He does have some vision and is amazing in his ability to see and identify colors and other objects. He was blessed to spend time in a small foster home for vision impaired children where he learned to speak English fluently.

Jack is funny, loving, bright and smart. He walks, runs, jumps, and goes up and down stairs independently. He loves dinosaurs that eat grass, and loves when people read him books about dinosaurs. He has a great sense of humor and outgoing personality. Jack charms everyone who meets him. In a family environment with he will thrive and grow to be the best he can be. He just needs that family to find him.