Girl, Age: 11
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Jul 2018
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Izzy has cerebral palsy. She transferred to her current home in June 2018 and has already made remarkable progress. She is incredibly bright, social, and affectionate. She previously had no exposure to English but now responds to several English commands. She also says several words such as “hi”, “bye”, and “more” and has picked up on several ASL signs which are used in the home. She communicates extremely well with vocalizations and gestures and is perceptive to body language and other social cues in communication. She gets around the house quickly with crawling and scooting. She can pull to stand and remain standing with minimal support. She can walk with hand support or a reverse walker. She can self-feed. She loves playing games such as hot potato, duck duck goose, and catch. She has an infectious laugh and smile and brings a special energy and joy wherever she goes. She often seeks out trusted caregivers and requests hugs and kisses. She will turn her face from side to side to ensure she gets kisses on both cheeks. She would be an incredible gift to any family and has a huge capacity to learn and grow in a family environment.

December 2018 update: Izzy is learning and making progress steadily! She is now potty trained. She is making strength gains, and her ability to use her walker is improving. She is able to go up and down stairs by crawling/scooting. Her receptive language is growing and she now responds to many commands and knows the English words for many household objects. She has learned her body parts and picked up more sign language. She can match colors and do simple puzzles. She knows the names of all the other kids in the house. She is beginning to use a program on her iPad to expand her communication. She enjoys coloring and is beginning to engage in imaginative play with dolls. She loves to dance and has learned the motions to multiple action songs. She anticipates the next activity in her daily routine. Her social nature and love of life continue to be so endearing! Izzy is so bright and would THRIVE in a family! Videos available.

Aug 2020 Update: Izzy has grown so much in her communication skills. In class, Izzy uses alternative communication and sign language to participate in imaginary play with friends. She is great at answering questions about her day or week. She has also developed a lot of confidence to ask for very specific things. Izzy is just always laughing, always dancing, always singing, and always sharing her enthusiasm and love with those around her.