Ivory #

Girl, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Listed: Aug 2023
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She resides in a family-type home for children with disabilities. Ivory is enrolled in the Center for Special Educational Needs. During the academic year 2022/2023 she was a student in the sixth grade. The educational activities are based on an individual program and are conducted on site at the family-type home for children with disabilities by a resource teacher. She is also enrolled in a half-day service at a Day Center for the support of children with severe multiple disabilities. She works with a speech therapist, psychologist, rehabilitator, etc. She knows how to write letters and numbers, having previously repeated them by outline.

Ivory walks steadily alone. She goes up and down the stairs by herself, tapping the banister. She is mobile – she runs, climbs, and jumps. She has developed fine motor skills. Manipulates objects as intended. She knows how to braid, string beads, etc. Her movements are careful. Can arrange puzzles, constructor sets, and mosaic. Flips through books, turning the pages slowly and carefully. She holds a pencil with a proper grip, colors slowly, trying not to go beyond the outline of the picture. The intellectual level is lower than normal for her age. She understands the information she is given, but it needs to be presented in short and simple sentences. The imagination is developed. Her speech consists of simple sentences that are difficult to understand.

She is mostly calm. She has imitative behavior. She can be persuaded by words. Accepts contact from adults – acquaintances, behaves reserved towards strangers. At times, she is insecure in unfamiliar situations, but she adapts relatively quickly. Unease is mainly expressed in hand-biting, plucking, and shouting. She is a calm and radiant child. She is adaptive, sociable, and willing to play with children. She likes to help with housework, very often showing childish stubbornness when refused by an adult. Ivory likes to play with stuffed toys and do hair. She has favorite animations and shows that she follows with interest. When the weather is right, she likes to swing on the swing in the yard. She likes to dance. She prefers to do mostly puzzles. She often plays with mosaics or colors.

She eats slowly, neatly, and independently. She can drink by herself from a cup and a bottle. She can wash her body and hair, but still needs adult supervision and assistance. Ivory can dress and undress herself and folds and arranges her clothes. She can tie her shoes. Ivory still does not know how to choose her clothes according to the season and coordinate them by color. She can wash her face and teeth by herself, but still needs the support of an adult. She can wash her hands on her own with minimal help. In the evening, she falls asleep alone and her sleep is peaceful. She controls her physiological needs.

Ivory wants to be adopted.