Hennes #

Boy, Age: 6
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Arnold-Chiari type II, spina bifida at level L5
Listed: Aug 2022
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Hennes has Arnold-Chiari type II with spina bifida at level L5.

Hennes is described as a very social and happy child. He communicates well with others. He can ask and answer questions and make general conversation. When he has difficulty with a task, he says, “It doesn’t work” in order to get help. A member of the agency’s team visited Hennes and said that he is “very easy to talk to and very smart”. Videos from July 2022 show him talking, answering questions and interacting with the adults. Hennes moves from place to place by crawling and using his upper body strength. He can pull to a stand and hold onto a support. He likes to play with all kind of toys, like balls, cubes, cars, puzzles and etc. He eats independently. He told the team member that he loves apples and orange juice.