Boy, Age: 14
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, features of autism, farsightedness, atopic dermatitis, functional heart murmur, hydrocephalus. Due to a difficult birth, he was born with pneumonia, and intubated for a few days.
Listed: Jul 2013
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From a family who met him in 2015: “Heinrich ran right up to me and asked to go up, and then enjoyed a play session full of jumping. He definitely has a lot of energy, and I was amazed at his gross motor skills. He loved the play area’s rocking horse!”

UPDATE as of June 2015: Heinrich continues to make great improvements. He is communicating and asked to be picked up. He is strong, happy, and loves attention.

Update as of April 2013: His development is delayed; he recently started to walk without help, but not yet steady. Emotions are weak, play activity is primitive, throws away toys, turns them around, puts into the mouth, sucks his fingers, makes stereotypic movements with his head, swings. He’s not yet speaking, and it’s possible he has a hearing delay. He eats with help, does not yet holds a spoon or the bottle, still it is hard for him to chew a hard food. The level of understanding is low, does not have motivation to make an activity.