Hazel Mae

Girl, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Jan 2019
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information or to inquire about this child, please email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***
Short update, early 2021:  She can say some simple words like mother, father, brother, teacher. Her cognitive ability is better than her peers with Down Syndrome who live in the same family. She gets along well with the children at home. She enjoys playing with blocks and family games. Her personality is gentle, but she is lively when she plays.

Hazel is an adorable little doll! She has been a part of a foster family and enrolled in a sponsored school called the Grandma program. She is able to go up and down stairs by herself, skip and stand on one foot. She can draw lines, knows big and small, can button and unbutton her clothes, and wash her hands by herself. She is said to be fond of imitating, listening to music and playing with toys. She has a ready smile and gets along well with others. Her favorite activity is watching TV, and her favorite toy is a rag doll. Hazel is ready to be the joy of her new family!