Boy, Age: 5
Primary Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Defect
Multiple congenital malformations, not elsewhere classified; Other specified congenital malformations of brain; spastic tetraplegia; epilepsy, Congenital Heart Defect (ASD), Nonrheumatic mitral (valve) insufficiency;
Pain in joints
Listed: Nov 2020
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Harlan has 2 siblings: his half-sister, born in 2010, is not adoptable because she lives in her biological father’s family. His brother, born in 2006, lives in a different orphanage.

Due to this boy’s special news, the governmental authorities may consider the separation of brothers. However, the family is to be approved for 2 children to cover the age of the older brother, (even if they don’t plan to adopt him) in order to separate the boys.