Hanelle #

Girl, Age: 6
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Nov 2022
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Hanelle was admitted to the Group home in March 2021. The director of the home reported that since then the child has improved significantly – she has become stronger, she has started to eat better; she can now turn her self from the back to the abdomen. There is no support for the legs – when they put her on her feet. If she is put to sit, leaning on pillows, she stays in this position stably. She does not receive any therapies. She has better head control, now. 

The child has adapted to the new environment. At first, she didn’t want to eat. She is eating well now. She likes to be paid attention to, held in her arms and rocked, she likes to be massaged. She seeks attention and tries to attract attention to herself by making sounds. She smiles, even laughs out loud at the teasing of adults. She reacts when they talk to her and when she hears her name. 

She started eating better. She eats pureed common food with both a pacifier and a spoon. They feed her. She prefers to eat sweet things. Hanelle loves mashed fruits and vegetables. They give her adapted and vitamin-enriched milk with biscuits. Drinks water from a pacifier; can’t drink from a glass.