Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Spina bifida
Congenital meningocele
Listed: Nov 2014
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Halden really loves car toys that make sounds. Every time he picks out a toy, he will first take a big car, run wildly all around the room, and laugh happily! He is able to speak a lot and his ability to take care of himself is very strong. Before he goes to bed, he will take his clothes and neatly fold them in a pile. He will share his toys and food with other children. He is very sensible. When other children feel wronged, he will take the initiative to run to the other children, comfort them and say: “No problem, don’t be afraid!”

In his early education classes, he has completed many craft projects. He can paste simple pictures and color in animal coloring books. After class, he will tidy up his own learning materials. He is also very intelligent and can recite “student rules, three character words” etc., as well as children’s songs.