Hailey and Hugh

Sibling Group
Ages: 13, 16
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Hailey has developmental delays and vision issues.
Listed: Apr 2017
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Hailey & Hugh need to be together!! These siblings are unfortunately living apart, as the children are housed by age and gender at the facilities. They miss each other a lot and they’re both always happy to see each other when they can get together. They want to be together long term in the same adopted family.

Hailey is described by her caregivers as mild, positive, vivacious and well-behaved. She’s small for her age, wears glasses and has a small vocabulary. She’s easily distracted but has made great improvement in comprehension. Hailey’s a warm-hearted girl who finds pleasure in helping others. She remembers her birth family but is excited to start a new life with an adoptive family—as long as she isn’t separated from her brother.

Hugh is filled with curiosity about the world, often asking “why?” He speaks well and is reported to cooperative and able to follow rules. Like his big sister, he’s easily distracted but he works hard on his schoolwork. He attends primary school and mixes well with the other kids his age. His caregivers describe him as a good boy, energetic and usually happy. He’s been very clear he wants to be adopted with his sister.