Boy, Age: 12
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
CP, Mild cognitive disorder, probable FAS; Flaccid hemiplegia, Other vitreous opacities
Listed: Jul 2014
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Griffin can walk with help, understands simple instructions, can say separate words.

Updated pic from summer 2019, he is being hosted in the US! Griffin is extremely sweet and affectionate. He shows a lot of intelligence and is very resourceful. He was understanding and speaking some English in the two weeks he was with us. He can walk and run, but would absolutely thrive with orthotics and physical therapy. He also managed stairs well, as long as there is a railing. His favorite things to do are swim (needs a life vest), jump on the trampoline, and listen to music. Oh, and eat, of course!

From two of the families that hosted him, we believe he would do best as the youngest and smallest child or as an only child. There was some aggression and anger in certain situations. We also believe there should be no animals in the home. Or caution with line of sight supervision.

He has mixed maturity and typically fell between 2-4 yrs old behaviorally and emotionally. Sometimes older, often younger. He completely deserves to be babied and spoiled and loved on. He would absolutely thrive and blow expectations out of the water.