Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
developmental delay, leukoma in left eye
Listed: Feb 2014
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When Gentry was born he had a bad case of pneumonia and was behind his friends in his physical development. Gentry’s pneumonia cleared up, but it has taken him a little while to learn to do things that his friends could do. At 7 months he started to hold his head up and roll over. At 9 months he was able to sit up all by himself and look for my caregivers when they called his name. When the doctors started to examine Gentry they found that one of his testicles was descended. Gentry also has leukoma in his left eye. Gentry can follow toys from side to side so his caregivers do not know if it is affecting his vision. Gentry loves to laugh, imitate caregivers, and groove to the music.