Felix Cooper

Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Mar 2017
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Felix Cooper is a happy toddler who is usually smiling! Caregivers describe him as obedient, and say he gets along well with other children. Though he would often cry wanting to be picked up, he could be distracted with a rattle, and would happily play on his own.

Felix Cooper is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and his thorax protrudes out. At one year old, he could hold his head up, roll over, and sit on his own, though not for very long. Now he can crawl, stand and take steps when holding onto furniture. A social little boy, he interacts with his nannies and makes eye contact. He can feed himself finger foods. His favorite toys are balls and musical instruments! This chubby sweetheart needs a family to give him lots of cuddles!