Evan #

Boy, Age: 7
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Hydrocephalus, optic nerve atrophy, Congenital hydrocephalus – VPS. Horizontal nystagmus. Atrophy of the visual nerve. Moderate muscle hypotonia. Mild mental delay. Delay in the neuro-psychological development.
Listed: Oct 2017
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Evan is interested in what is happening around him. He turns his head in the direction of sound. When spoken to, he listens but does not fix his stare or follow bright objects with his eyes. He is attentive when playing with a musical toy or bright object. He does not imitate actions with objects.

Evan can turn from his back to his belly and vice versa, stand up, and reach for a toy that is attached to his bed or given by an adult. He catches the toy after chaotic movements of his hands while trying to coordinate them. He sometimes can place the toy from one hand in the other by himself but sometimes he needs help from an adult. His left hand is no longer in a fist and there are longer periods of time when his fingers are spread out.

When communicating with an adult, Evan reaches out and touches his/her face and smiles. He is not aggressive but when he wants to be left alone, he will bite his hand. When provoked, he can imitate syllables but cannot gesture or mimic. Evan does not react when called by name and does not give a toy when asked. Evan is entirely dependent on the staff but will reach toward his food when being fed. More information, pictures and videos are available from his agency!