Erik #

Boy, Age: 1
Listed: Oct 2023
Diagnosis: Congenital anomaly syndromes primarily associated with short stature. General disease: Hydrocephalus, unspecified. Pulmonary valve stenosis. Congenital anomaly syndromes with predominantly facial involvement- suspected Noonan Syndrome
Erik rolls from stomach to back, can sit unassisted, and is beginning to put weight on his legs when placed in a standing position. He can move forward in a baby walker. He turns his head when his name is called and reacts to familiar caregivers. He loves simple “baby games” such as a caregiver pretending to sneeze or making animal sounds. He will laugh out loud when engaging in these activities with a caregiver. He makes eye contact and smiles in response to someone talking, or singling to him. He reaches for toys and can transfer small objects from one hand to the other.