Boy, Age: 12
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
muscular dystrophy
Listed: Nov 2014
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Emerson is a shy, quiet, and lovely boy. Though he’s fairly introverted around strangers, once he’s in a familiar environment he’s quite lively! He loves playing with blocks, and even by himself he will be very quiet and focused when building with them! Emerson was initially diagnosed with liver dysfunction, but when it didn’t respond to treatment they tested for muscular dystrophy (elevated liver enzymes are often found in children with MD from the muscle breakdown as opposed to a liver dysfunction), and found he was positive. Currently they don’t see any symptoms of the muscular dystrophy- he can sit, crawl, and walk while holding onto something! Emerson also demonstrates good fine motor skills; he can scribble with a pen, pick up small objects with his thumb and forefinger, stack two blocks, and turn the pages of a book. When looking at books he loves to point out the pictures. He can feed himself finger foods, and cooperates when getting dressed. He understands simple instructions, like being told to pick up his toys, and can point out his eyes and nose when ask. Emerson is able to imitate simple words like “mom” and “dad.” This sweet boy is waiting for his family.