Eliza Jane

Girl, Age: 7
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect
Listed: May 2018
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Update, Jan 2020: She still cannot stand or walk independently. She needs someone for support. Just an aside — With all the layers and slippers she is wearing, it would be hard to learn to walk. Her area doesn’t have centralized heating and she is in a foster family where they may be doing a lot for her too.

Update Oct 2019: She can now crawl, but she cannot walk. She can stand alone and can squat. I think she would be able to talk, but she is scared. Her health is good. She is a bit chubby, she needs to be fed often. She is very interested in music. When music is playing, she can keep up with the rhythm/tempo and will try to jump to the music, but her feet don’t get off the ground. She can’t speak yet, but can recognize words. She can understand simple commands. She is warm towards people. Her foster parents are elderly. They only sent over one picture. The rest are from a recent home visit. Occasionally, she will say “baba” or “mama” and she says it very clearly. But, she doesn’t make any requests when she calls out. She knows her body parts and her 5 senses. She understands the meaning of “no.” She currently has 16 teeth.

Eliza is a delightful little one; she is such a happy and social little girl. Eliza was born with Down syndrome, and has the typical motor delays. She has had surgery to correct her heart issues; ASD/VSD/PDA, and has recovered well. Eliza lives with a foster family, to whom she is very close. She loves to play, and loves toys that make music. She is spunky, sweet, and waiting for a family of her own!

There are many recent photos and videos in her file! ​