Girl, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Mental delay, probably FAS
Listed: Dec 2014
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From a volunteer who knows her in August 2016: “Elinor is a sweet little girl who craves attention. Elinor is non verbal and she hardly makes sounds at all. She seems to understand everything that is being said to her. She reacts strongly on body language as well. She shies away from people that have negative/aggressive body language and she comes closer to people with positive/loving body language. Elinor is the smallest child in the group. She spends most of the time sitting on the ground or a chair, not really doing anything. She does not play with toys that are offered to her. She loves to sit on someones lap and it makes her calm when someone sings to her. She would take every chance to cuddle. The nurses said that if she had a chance to be cuddled all day, that she would. Elinor does have some protective behaviors. When she feels threatened she will bite people. It will not stop until that person creates space between them. If she is still upset them, she will continue to bite herself. She does not purposely harm others and she doesn’t seem to bite any of the other children, only adults. Because she is the smallest child of the group, she is an easy target for the aggressive behaviors of the other children. Elinor seems to be potty trained, she knows how to eat and drink by herself. She also knows perfectly how to navigate a smartphone an play easy games on it or swipe through pictures. She loves all electronic devices, such as phones, cameras, etc.”