Girl, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, esotropia
Listed: Apr 2018
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant from Reece’s Rainbow! Through 2023, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Elinor is as cute as a button!! Elinor’s caretakers say she is cheerful, active, curious, friendly, and that she has a warm personality. She is well-liked by all of her caretakers and the other children. Elinor is working hard to learn how to do things on her own, such as taking off her shoes and putting on her own clothes. She will even put her shoes in the shoe cabinet after taking them off. Elinor is so proud of herself when she does something on her own! She loves to be praised and finds the joy in the little things, such as touching the colorful pictures of flowers and small animals that are on the walls. Elinor loves to scribble, stack blocks, and imitate others. She has a strong imitating ability. Elinor can go up and down stairs on her own. She is also quite helpful! She will help her caretakers by folding towels and by taking the babies’ bottles to the sink, one by one. She will also take a tissue and wipe the mouths of the little ones, all on her own initiative. Elinor is a beautiful little girl with a terrific personality! She is getting good care while she waits. We can’t wait to see who her lucky family will be!

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Elinor’s adoption with her current adoption agency.