Girl, Age: 8
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI
“ihaveawarrior”Eden is completely blind and has profound hearing loss. She received bilateral cochlear implants and is responding to sound and making many new sounds, although not yet saying any words.

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Listed: Feb 2018
February 2020 update: Eden’s acrobatic skills have only increased over this past year. She has discovered how to climb out of her bed and into the bed of one of the older girls in her home. This cuddle bug loves any chance to seek out physical touch- whether it is sneaking late night cuddles or laying in the swing in her home with one of her friends. The disc swing in her home remains her favorite place, however she has grown fond of a plastic rocking horse as well.

Eden continues to take daily morning walks with her teacher to continue to practice her cane skills. Eden is now able to climb a flight of stairs while holding onto the railing and receiving promptings from her teacher. Recently, Eden has shown an increase in desire to explore her surroundings. Eden’s teacher has been working with her on spatial recognition and her ability to find new landmarks in her home. Eden is currently working on self-feedings skills. At first she was reluctant to hold her spoon during meal times, but now she is able to hold it with assistance for her entire meal. She is doing incredible! We are optimistic that this is a skill she will master this year! Eden continues to wear her processors daily. Recently Eden has begun attending speech therapy three days a week. She has begun babbling more. We hope that with speech therapy she will be able to begin to associate more meaning with the noises that she hears.

Jan 2019 update: Eden has started moving around the home with purpose more independently. She is now able to climb up 3 flights of stairs while holding onto the rail for support. She is also able to come down the stairs, also holding onto the rail for support. Eden has always been quite the acrobat and has now learned to climb on the sofa in the home and will stand while holding onto the back and jump and giggle. She has also learned to find a low hanging disc swing in the home and climb on it. She loves the swing and will vocalize sweet sounds as she enjoys the motion. Eden continues to work with her guide cane and still needs encouraging and prompting to use the guide cane throughout the day. She takes daily walks down the street with her teacher. She mostly enjoys the walks, unless she is tired, then she cries to be picked up and comforted. Eden continues to wear her processors allowing her to hear and she often responds to the sounds of toys falling on the floor, familiar voices, and music. She does require frequent prompting to complete activities in her classes. Eden also continues to demonstrate some aversions to a lot of textures. This is addressed in the home through a lot of opportunity for sensory play. She enjoys having lotion rubbed on her, sensory brush actives and water play.