Boy, Age: 14
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Thalassemia
Beta Thalassemia Major
Listed: May 2019
**** I am eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant ****
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May 2019 Written Update:His mental ability is similar to other kids of the same age. He has thalassemia and needs blood transfusion every month. He has a good personality. He is quiet. He listens to the staff, and likes reading, painting, singing, and playing chess. He is well behaved. Duncan has no delays with gross motor or fine motor skills. He attends school. Duncan has a close friend at the orphanage. He knows how to care for others. His social skills are good and he gets along well with others.
“I love observing others in a big group of people and seeing others happy makes me happy. I am an easy kid who doesn’t need much to be entertained. I just like holding hands and feeling close to people. I’m a total lover, not a fighter! I always listen to what my nannies ask of me and I obey with a smile on my face. I’m gentle with my friends and treat all my belongings with care. People who know me describe me as sweet, shy, loving, happy, kind, and as a good listener.” This was written by volunteers who have gotten to know Duncan well over the years. What a gem of a kid! And don’t get us started on that smile….that smile that pretty much never leaves his face!

Duncan was born in January of 2009 with beta thalassemia major and is transfusion dependent. He needs a blood transfusion approximately every 3 weeks and he receives iron chelation daily. He is easy-going, obedient, and very happy. Unfortunately, Duncan has not been able to attend school outside of the orphanage due to his needs, but does receive schooling inside the orphanage. He knows how to count and can draw, color, and sing songs. Duncan is a polite boy who gets along well with all of his friends. A forever family and the medical care Duncan could receive in the United States would be life-changing for this precious boy!

There are several videos available.

There is a $4,000 agency grant for Duncan’s adoption with his current adoption agency. The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is also giving a $1,000 grant for any child with transfusion dependent thalassemia.