Boy, Age: 6
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect
Listed: May 2018
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Update from January 2021:  Dino is well behaved, a little shy, but when he knows you, he is quite active.  He is attached to his caretakers and knows how to make them happy. He knows to care for others. He likes hugs.

Dino enjoys cuddling and sometimes acts spoiled, but is obedient and gets along well with the other children. He is an active and restless little toddler, with a big smile and long eyelashes. He likes to sit in his stroller out in the sunshine, and will lift up his legs to peel off his socks! Dino has Down syndrome and has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (PDA), but has not received any surgery for it.

From a September 2018 update: Dino likes climbing and standing, but needed support for walking. He plays with other children, and will clap while looking in the mirror. He likes swinging with the children and building blocks with the other children during group class. He can tear paper and use his pincer fingers to grab things.  His language was not clear, but he will laugh and try to imitate sounds. He recognizes familiar people and understands adult facial expressions. He is a lively baby. After getting acquainted with others, he will often show a cute smile and two cute little dimples.  At this time he has not needed to undergo any heart surgery, as his heart is doing fine.