Dean #

Boy, Age: 5
Primary Diagnosis: Blind / VI, Hydrocephalus
Congenital cytomegalovirus infection. Internal hydrocephaly: state post implantation of a VP shunt. Quadriparetic syndrome. Cortical blindness. Cataract. Rickets. Protein energy malnutrition.
Listed: May 2022
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This is the case of a male child born from a pathological pregnancy with very low weight and indications of congenital cytomegalovirus infection. In the early neonatal period posthemorrhagic internal hydrocephaly was found and at the age of 2 months a VP shunt was implanted. Due to malfunctioning of the shunt, it was replaced when the child was 9 months old.

Dean is in a stationed impaired general state of health with a severe quadriparetic syndrome, pseudobulbar paresis and cortical blindness. Also, total cataract of both eyes has been found which cannot be treated surgically due to the severely damaged state of health of the child. He is fed via a nasogastric tube. He is severely delayed in his physical and neuro-psychic development. His condition is being monitored by medical professionals.