Boy, Age: 15
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy; takes medication to control seizures
Listed: Feb 2018
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February 2020 Update: Daylan participates in daily educational and motor skill classes with the use of his wheelchair and a lap-tray. Daylan is eager and determined to learn! He loves working on basic spelling and math, and is so proud of himself when he learns something new! He is currently using a combination of assistive technology and PECS to help him with his non-verbal communication. Even without these, Daylan is still loud and clear in his communication using vocalizations, facial expressions and pointing to make his needs and feelings known. He loves to use switch-adapted toys and toys with large buttons that he is able to use independently. Unfortunately, Daylan’s dystonia has become more severe as he has grown over the past year. His ability to roll and scoot around the floor has decreased significantly, but he is still able to sit comfortably in his wheelchair with the support of a back brace. Daylan is incredibly joyful, sweet, goofy, sassy, and spunky. One of Daylan’s current favorite games is to lay next to one of the other boys in his home and attempt to stick his finger into their noses and ears! This always brings lots of laughter from everyone around him! Daylan truly has so much potential to thrive in a family! Video available.